How To Control Legal Costs In Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial property is defined as a building used exclusively for business or a workspace rather than a residence, considered residential real estate. Commercial real estate is often leased to tenants to conduct income-generating activities. Common real estate transactions in commercial real estate include leasing office space, building new office buildings, and selling company-owned land. It…..


How to Spruce Up Your Office Building When It’s Time to Sell

You can’t deny that real estate is one of the best investments you can make. You can almost always guarantee a healthy return on your investment if you do it right, whether you buy and sell properties or buy and lease them out to others. Property investments, especially in commercial property, are a great way…..

Detailed Guide to Selling Your Warehouse in 2022

Detailed Guide to Selling Your Warehouse in 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world into a state of uncertainty. The global economy is in shambles, and it’s not just businesses that are feeling its effects. With most people being forced to work from home, many have turned their attention towards how to sell warehouses and other commercial properties. If you own a…..


How to Sell a Hotel the Smart Way

Hotels and resorts have been among the hardest-hit sectors in the U.S. Given the pandemic and low recovery rate, there is a lot of speculation and theories about when the hospitality industry will recover.  Some plan to keep it going for as long as possible, while a large percentage are willing to sell it and…..


How to Sell Commercial Real Estate With Tenants Still Occupying It

What Is Commercial Real Estate (CRE)? Commercial property is property used exclusively to do business or provide workspaces instead of a residence instead of residential real estate. A majority of commercial real estate is leased out to tenants for income-producing purposes. There is a wide range of real estate in this category, from a single…..

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Paying Capital Gains Tax When Selling Your Commercial Real Estate

The term “commercial property” can refer to both buildings that house businesses and land intended to generate revenue. In addition to commercial properties, there are some that house large housing developments. Commercial property can be anything from malls, warehouses, office buildings, and manufacturing facilities. Source: The Caudle Group Commercial property is traditionally considered a sound…..

Best Practices for Selling Your Commercial Real Estate in Southern California

The commercial real estate industry consists of approximately seven sectors and over 70 subsectors. Commercial property types demand different considerations and requirements, so you need to work with a team whose members have the training, success record, and experience to deal with your type of commercial property.  A well-thought-out strategy can prevent wasting thousands of…..

How to Determine the Asking Price for Your Commercial Building

It is important to ask “What does it cost?” when buying commercial real estate, but it is even more meaningful when trying to price your own building and coming to a valuation that a buyer would want to pay. A commercial real estate valuation involves a mixture of science and art, we will focus on…..

How to Sell Your Commercial Building Faster and at a Higher Price

In recent years, the volume of commercial properties has increased in the United States. Deal volumes increased sharply over the first quarter, especially when compared with the first quarter last year. It was primarily due to strong investor interest in commercial properties. (Sources: Statistica) However, despite this modest comeback, selling commercial real estate won’t be…..