10 Must Know Commercial Real Estate Terms

The commercial real estate world is incredibly complex and has many different asset classes (multifamily, office, industrial, hospitality, etc.) and mainly three different types of transactions – buying, selling, or leasing. All these various combinations result in very different transactions with different types of brokers, contracts, and terminology. It is important to know the key components…..

7 Ways to Identify Attractive Commercial Real Estate

Locating and securing attractive commercial real estate properties is the most difficult and time-consuming process in any investor’s or broker’s day, but if this task is mastered, empires or entire companies can be started from growing your real estate portfolio quickly and wisely. Finding commercial properties to buy by themselves is an easy task as properties are…..

How to Generate More Real Estate Leads through Referrals

Building a commercial real estate business with a strong referral base is something that every broker strives towards in their career. As referrals are always the best source for business, if properly passed and qualified, a buyer or seller can be obtained after a phone call. Receiving referrals as a commercial broker means you have proven…..

5 Key Components of a Commercial Real Estate Transaction

As far as transactions go, commercial real estate ones can be on the more complex side. Residential real estate has 10-15 standard contracts which can carry you through a whole transaction and there are many differences between residential and commercial real estate. Commercial real estate is not only nuanced to the type of asset that is…..

How to Find New Commercial Real Estate Clients

Finding clients in any industry can be a difficult endeavor for any sales associate. Starting from zero and acquiring clients cold through various techniques other than warm connections will be a long and arduous task requiring time, skill, patience, and certainly a hard skin. Typically, the smaller the price point the easier to sell the…..

10 Commercial Real Estate Trends for 2019

As we transition into a new year, the commercial real estate world faces transformation due to technological advancements and societal changes aligned with large billion-dollar companies like Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb. These companies and many others guide us towards a very different future in which commercial real estate uses will continue to evolve and manifest themselves in…..

What to Look for in a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Every commercial property, whether it be an industrial warehouse, or an apartment building requires a specialized broker within the area and within that particular asset class. Furthermore, for certain types of asset classes there are various types of transactions including selling, purchasing, or leasing (for tenant or landlord). Many brokers specialize in one of these fields and…..

The Basics of a Commercial Real Estate Transaction

Commercial real estate deals are incredibly complex and intricate transactions that are different every time, not only from different type of asset to asset, but also depending on if it is a lease, purchase, or sale. Additionally, to add to the complexity, there are a set of standard commercial contracts which are used by most…..

Ways To Grow Your Real Estate Referral Network

Building out a referral network is key in any sales career but even more so in real estate. As your business grows you will receive and give more referrals in many different related businesses that are related to real estate in one way or another. Establishing connections with occupations such as – CPAs, real estate…..

What is the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial real estate compared to residential real estate operates under a very different set of guidelines that most realtors and commercial clients are not aware of. Residential real estate has a set number of standard contracts that rarely change and are not difficult to use. Learning about 15-20 of these contracts can be enough to…..