How Much Is My Commercial Property Worth?

Commercial property can be a lucrative field, allowing you to earn significantly more than residential property. This could include investing in buildings like offices, warehouses, industrial sites, and retail spaces. While commercial property has higher income potential than residential property, it also requires special considerations. You’ll have to invest research, money, time, and effort into choosing a high-value commercial space, boosting its value, and then marketing it to maximize its value even further.

This guide explains how you can determine what a commercial property is worth, how to boost its value, and how to market it for maximum value.

Factors that Determine How Much a Commercial Property is Worth

Before you start dealing with commercial property, it’s important to educate yourself about the field. It can help to get a certificate in commercial real estate to learn the essentials. For example, you want to understand what factors influence commercial property value. With this knowledge, you can invest in properties that are more likely to bring a profit and avoid money traps that won’t give you a good return on investment. Commercial property certificate programs can give you the knowledge you need.

When it comes to determining a commercial property’s worth, one issue is supply and demand. If there’s more demand than there is supply, prices will skyrocket. Examining market trends can help you invest in in-demand properties. For example, warehousing is in big demand because of the rise in ecommerce, so warehouses are a solid investment right now. Other factors influencing a commercial property’s value include location, size, curb appeal, age, condition, and renovation potential.

Interest rates and the state of the economy also play a role. For example, if interest rates are low, then it’s easier for people to take out loans. This can mean more buyers if you put the property up for sale. Higher interest rates mean higher monthly mortgage payments for buyers. Your property’s value will also increase in a strong economy when people are more likely to invest in commercial property-related endeavors like retail shops or manufacturing spaces. As you can see, many micro- and macroeconomic factors influence value.

How to Boost a Commercial Property’s Value

Once you have a commercial property in your possession, there are steps you can take to make it worth more money. One of the biggest things you can do is make strategic renovations and improvements. Focus on what consumers want when deciding where to invest your renovation budget. For example, new flooring can quickly make an old office space look like new. General upkeep is also important, and it’s essential that you make sure the building’s essential functions, like heat, water, and electricity, are all running smoothly.

David Morgan Consultant lists some additional ways you can improve commercial property value. If you already have tenants in your property, you can increase the rent, for example, or decrease operating expenses. For example, you might renegotiate contracts for essentials like insurance. Another idea is to add amenities that add value to your property, like a fitness center, concierge service, and coffee bar. You can also take advantage of unused parts of the building. If you have a flat roof, for example, rent it for cell tower space.

With these basic steps completed, it’s time to tackle curb appeal. This refers to how the building is perceived from the sidewalk when people first see it. You might invest in things like power washing the exterior and washing the windows to make it look as attractive as possible. Adding some landscaping, like flowers and bushes, can also make the place prettier. If the building has signage, make sure the signage is clear, clean, and easy to read. All of this contributes to the first impression people get.

It’s also important to make sure the inside of the property is attractive and appealing. Make the space look as large as possible by clearing out excess clutter, for example. You can use a storage unit to keep extra goods while you’re showing the property. Click here for options on storage units. Once you’ve cleared out all the extra stuff, give the property a thorough cleaning, removing dust, cobwebs, dirt, and other grime that can build up. This may also be the time to add a fresh coat of paint or take care of renovations like those mentioned in the previous section.

How to Market a Commercial Property for Maximum Value

Ultimately, maximizing your commercial property’s value is largely about marketing. A digital marketing professional like Flying V Group can help boost your property’s brand and make it more attractive to potential investors. For example, they can set up an attractive website that shows off your property and its best assets, attracting consumers. They can then use search engine optimization to boost your website’s appearance in Google rankings. This way, if someone looks for commercial property in your area, they’ll come across your website.

When listing your property online, make sure to choose a marketable platform. Instead of opting for a generalized real estate listing platform, chose one that specializes in commercial property. Commercial Consult is focused on commercial real estate transactions and connects property owners, buyers, and brokers. There’s no need to pay broker fees or closing costs, and you can rely on trusted advisors to guide you through the process. Plus, you won’t have to lose all your money to a commercial agent.

Finally, when listing commercial real estate for rent or sale, make sure your marketing materials are tailored to your target audience. For example, if you’re marketing an industrial space, make sure to highlight the appropriate assets. In this case, you probably want to emphasize things like size and an open floor plan. Alternatively, if you’re marketing a retail space, you probably want to highlight things like the fact that it gets a lot of foot traffic and is near other attractive retail locations.

Commercial real estate can be a great field, offering plenty of lucrative potential. However, it also requires a lot of work. The above guide explains what determines a commercial property’s worth and how to maximize its value.

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