Frequently asked questions

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What is Commercial Consult and how does it work?

Commercial Consult is a company started over 5 years ago which helps any seller, buyer, or agent through any part of the commercial real estate process. Through our network of investors and commercial brokers we strive to offer a full encompassing solution to anyone starting their commercial real estate journey. Fill out your information under whichever category you fall and a Commercial Consultant from our team will reach out to get more information and help you on your journey of selling, buying, or leasing commercial real estate.

If I am looking to sell my commercial property, what should I do?

Fill out the form at the top of the main page under “Property Owners” with your information and the property you wish to sell’s information. A Commercial Consultant will reach out and gather as much information about the property as possible and help either secure a cash offer for your property or help you locate a local, commercial broker that can either secure an off-market offer for the property or properly list and market the property to secure an on-market offer for the property.

If I am a real estate agent looking to help my client sell their commercial property, what should I do?

Commercial Consult loves working with real estate agents. Fill out the for for “Brokers” at the top of our main page. If you have a client that needs help with a commercial property, and you do not specialize in commercial real estate or do not specialize in that particular asset class, then we would be happy to refer a specialized, local, commercial broker to your client and get you a referral fee.

If I am looking to buy a commercial property, what should I do?

Fill out the form for “Buyers” at the top of the main page with the buyer’s information and a Commercial Consultant will reach out to understand your situation better and direct you to a local, specialized broker that can assist you in finding the right property for you.

What markets does Commercial Consult serve?

Commercial Consult currently serves all of the United States and select other countries across the world. Please reach out regardless of where you are and even if we cannot help, we will direct to someone who can.

Can I receive a referral fee for referring a buyer or seller to Commercial Consult?

Yes! All agents who refer a buyer, seller, or lessor/lessee to Commercial Consult will receive a referral agreement in which they can receive up to a 25% referral fee upon closing. Simply fill out the form on the main page under “Broker” and a Commercial Consult will reach out to learn more about you and your client.

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