12 Best Commercial Real Estate Selling Tips

Struggling to understand how commercial real estate selling works in today’s age and the digital economy?  Not sure when or how to prepare for selling your commercial property, and how to do it faster and like a pro?  First, start by tapping into your audience’s head for a minute. Think about why buyers buy commercial…..

11 Costly Mistakes People Make When Selling Commercial Property

Selling commercial property can be maximally tasking and tiring, as it demands careful research, analysis, and planning. Similarly, you must be prepared to invest considerable levels of effort, thoughts, and strategies in pulling off a favorable sales deal. Unfortunately, several commercial real estate owners make costly mistakes nowadays, causing them to lose money and their…..

Reasons Why Commercial Real Estate Owners Need a Strong Digital Presence in 2021

A “new sort” of the digital revolution is emerging in the commercial real estate industry, thankfully offering numerous advantages to commercial real estate owners looking to sell their properties.   Undoubtedly, social media has established a paradigm shift to communication, and businesses are beginning to embrace its use for various business operations, including communication, marketing,…..