How to Sell a Hotel the Smart Way

Hotels and resorts have been among the hardest-hit sectors in the U.S. Given the pandemic and low recovery rate, there is a lot of speculation and theories about when the hospitality industry will recover.  Some plan to keep it going for as long as possible, while a large percentage are willing to sell it and…..


How to Sell Commercial Real Estate With Tenants Still Occupying It

What Is Commercial Real Estate (CRE)? Commercial property is property used exclusively to do business or provide workspaces instead of a residence instead of residential real estate. A majority of commercial real estate is leased out to tenants for income-producing purposes. There is a wide range of real estate in this category, from a single…..


Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Glossary – Top 100 Terms You Need to Know

Do you find it challenging to understand commercial real estate terminologies? Commercial real estate, which deals with property used for mainly business-related purposes, can be quite complex.  Do you find the terminologies used in commercial real estate too complicated? We’ve prepared a comprehensive commercial real estate glossary containing 100 commercial real estate terms to know…..