Best Practices for Selling Your Commercial Real Estate in Southern California

The commercial real estate industry consists of approximately seven sectors and over 70 subsectors. Commercial property types demand different considerations and requirements, so you need to work with a team whose members have the training, success record, and experience to deal with your type of commercial property.  A well-thought-out strategy can prevent wasting thousands of…..

How to Determine the Asking Price for Your Commercial Building

It is important to ask “What does it cost?” when buying commercial real estate, but it is even more meaningful when trying to price your own building and coming to a valuation that a buyer would want to pay. A commercial real estate valuation involves a mixture of science and art, we will focus on…..

How to Sell Your Commercial Building Faster and at a Higher Price

In recent years, the volume of commercial properties has increased in the United States. Deal volumes increased sharply over the first quarter, especially when compared with the first quarter last year. It was primarily due to strong investor interest in commercial properties. (Sources: Statistica) However, despite this modest comeback, selling commercial real estate won’t be…..