What to Look for in a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Every commercial property, whether it be an industrial warehouse, or an apartment building requires a specialized broker within the area and within that particular asset class. Furthermore, for certain types of asset classes there are various types of transactions including selling, purchasing, or leasing (for tenant or landlord). Many brokers specialize in one of these fields and…..

The Basics of a Commercial Real Estate Transaction

Commercial real estate deals are incredibly complex and intricate transactions that are different every time, not only from different type of asset to asset, but also depending on if it is a lease, purchase, or sale. Additionally, to add to the complexity, there are a set of standard commercial contracts which are used by most…..

Ways To Grow Your Real Estate Referral Network

Building out a referral network is key in any sales career but even more so in real estate. As your business grows you will receive and give more referrals in many different related businesses that are related to real estate in one way or another. Establishing connections with occupations such as – CPAs, real estate…..