Your network has commercial referral business within it whether you are tapping into it or not.

Commercial Consult matches your client with the best possible commercial referral within that particular specialty and in that marketplace. The wrong referral, not properly vetted and not active in their marketplace will make you lose face with your client and cost you a referral check.
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Randy R., Keller Williams

Commercial Consult makes it easy. Just type in your client’s information and leave the rest to them.

Dallas, TX

Connecting Residential Agents with Commercial Brokers

Three. Simple. Steps.


Submit Client

Place a client, personal contact, or prospect into our system and we will handle the entire interaction.


Match and Track

We match them with the right agent and track the whole process for you. No worries for you.


Increase Your Business

Get your 25% referral check on closing and your clients are fully supported by you. Everyone wins.

Commercial Consult can help you if...

  • You would like to create a new source of passive income from your current network.

  • Your company’s commercial referral network is lacking in agents or non-existent.

  • You are a commercial agent but have leads outside of your particular specialty or specific market area.

  • You’re generating more leads from your online marketing or other sources than you or your team can handle.

  • You have personal referrals you want to place with a capable, proven agent that will professionally handle and not steal your client.

  • You are retiring or going part time, but would like to continue generating income from your network.

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Every referral that goes through our system is handled with extreme care from start to finish.

Jake S. Evergreen Realty

I’m in a small residential office, I can now add to my sales pitch that I have commercial partners all throughout the country to help with my client’s needs.


A strong network matters.

Our network consists of


Every agent in our system has met our high standards for their particular specialty and has proven themselves to be committed to helping every lead as if it were their very own.

All of our Commercial Consultants have to consistently perform in their own marketplace and closing the leads we give them. We demand experience and consistency to stay in our network.

We value all of our members and they value us for bringing them qualified leads to do business with. We hope to create lasting relationships with everyone we interact with.


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Top 10 Ways to Find Commercial Real Estate Deals from Residential Clients


Top 10 Mistake to Avoid When Buying Commercial Real Estate

Long Term Clients, Not Leads

The real estate industry incorrectly focuses on “leads” which can be bought and sold in many places. Leads are great for chasing down and burning your time on, but don’t have a high closing rate. At Commercial Consult, we want to be just that, a consultant in your corner and a long term partner you can count on past just the transaction. Whether you personally need help with a commercial transaction and don’t know anyone in the industry, have a client that needs a good broker with a particular specialty, or are a commercial broker yourself but have a client with a need in an area you can’t or don’t want to handle - Commercial Consult is here to partner with you to make you successful.
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Perfect for Commercial and Residential Agents

Commercial Consult presents this guide for residential and commercial agents, as well as, anyone looking to learn more about the commercial real estate process from start to finish.

This book contains over 100 pages of information and many useful tools like call and email scripts, sample documents, and much more!

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