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Commercial Consult puts you in touch with the best Commercial Real Estate agents in your area to make sure you have everything you need for your commercial real estate transaction. Our network of commercial real estate agents is second to none and ensures that you will find exactly what you need during your transaction process.
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John T., California

On my own, I searched for over a year with an agent for apartment buildings that had no idea what they were doing. Once I found Tom through Commercial Consult, we had an offer on a property within two weeks.

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The process...



Speak to one of our qualified team members to go over your commercial needs and pair you with the right broker for the job.

There is no charge to you for this service, in addition some brokers offer commission back on certain types of deals.



The agents we match you with must meet high service standards, and our California-based service team is on your side all the way to closing.

From our licensed and experienced team partners to our partner brokers…



We get you the results that you are looking for in your deal. Our team of experts is there to assist you along the entire journey to completion.

Contact us today for the best commercial real estate broker service.

Case Study


“We have a lot of top producing residential agents in our offices that were not handling their commercial clients and in turn losing business because of it. Through Commercial Consult we were able to find the right partners for each of our agents, their clients were well taken care of and appreciated their services even more because of it.”

Mayur T., Keller Williams Team Leader


A group of Keller Williams offices in Orange County, California that previously did not offer commercial services partnered with Commercial Consult to help their 500+ residential agents offer top level commercial real estate guidance and help to their clientele.


The partnership has created a commercial resource for all the residential agents in these brokerages which can now be added to their marketing toolbox to add more value to their clients.

We use data, technology & personal attention to find a great match for your unique needs.

We go much further than simply telling you which agents sold the most. We’re telling you which agents have proven track records and are the right fit for you.


Our goals are aligned with yours.

We get paid only when transactions are successfully completed. That means we’re highly motivated to connect you to agents with a track record of success.


We’re not your cousin.

Lots of people find their real estate agent based on a referral from a family member or friend. It seems like almost everyone knows someone in real estate. That sometimes works, but often doesn’t. Who your cousin knows, or they used to sell their home, probably isn’t who you need. We dig deeper to find you the right match.


Helpful Tools and Resources


Top 10 Ways to Close a Commercial Real Estate Deal


Top 10 Mistake to Avoid When Buying Commercial Real Estate

Long Term Clients, Not Leads

The real estate industry incorrectly focuses on “leads” which can be bought and sold in many places. Leads are great for chasing down and burning your time on, but don’t have a high closing rate. At Commercial Consult, we want to be just that, a consultant in your corner and a long term partner you can count on past just the transaction. Whether you personally need help with a commercial transaction and don’t know anyone in the industry, have a client that needs a good broker with a particular specialty, or are a commercial broker yourself but have a client with a need in an area you can’t or don’t want to handle - Commercial Consult is here to partner with you to make you successful.
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Perfect for Commercial and Residential Agents

Commercial Consult presents this guide for residential and commercial agents, as well as, anyone looking to learn more about the commercial real estate process from start to finish.

This book contains over 100 pages of information and many useful tools like call and email scripts, sample documents, and much more!

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